What to shoot for on the character stats.

So talking to people I have gotten an idea as to the numbers a player should be looking at for their stats with their gear.

Your main stat, such as Cunning for the smuggler, should not be stacked passed 1700 points. At this point there is diminishing returns.

The next stat is Critical. Critical chance, unbuffed, does not need to go above 30%. After you get this to 30% things like Power, and alacrity can be stacked. The recommendations I have is to focus on Power. The alacrity is not as important, and can affect ammo or heat quite a bit.

The last stat is Expertise. This stat is only for PvP. The advice is not to stack it past 450 to 500 points. The diminishing returns after this point make it not worth the effort. This will mean that most PvP outfits will combine the PvE and the PvP set so create the optimum set.

I am not anywhere near reaching those numbers. The picture I am including here is the stats with my PvE set on. It is not an entire set of Columi. I still have Tionese pieces that have not been replaced.

I hope this is helpful to others.


The 1.2 patch has dropped.  And things have changed.  It seems that Expertise now needs to be stacked till you have it on all your gear, for PvP. I will update this more completely when I have looked closer. Right now the servers are down for a patch on the patch.


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