14 to 18 —> epic fail *at this time*

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Upgrading Fedora 13 has been a bit of a challenge, and complicated. I referenced multiple websites and they had instructions for it. By the time I was done, the one that seemed to work for me was http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-upgrade-from-fedora-13-to-fedora-14-desktop-and-server .

Now having said this, I still ran into little glitches here and there. Mostly it was the transactions were not completing. I needed to restart them with a transaction-completion command. Honestly I am not sure on the exact wording for it now. I didn’t write it down when it happened.

After a reboot I got a message on the Gnome desktop that said I had updates available. So I am in the process of doing that. That Gui window was nice and simple.

During all of this I was looking at downloading and burning to DVD on a different Computer the Fedora 18 files. At this point I am going to hold off on that and see how my upgrade goes. It seems to me that 13 was quite old. I am surprised that my text-book included something THAT old. But then things change with predictable regularity with Linux.

With all the upgrades I am still showing the same Linux kernel ( as when I started. Needless to say I don’t think all the time and effort I just put in did a darn thing…. So.. I will start over… sort of… I am going to download Fedora 18 and install that. Over writing everything on the laptop. I have no data to lose so this is simple as far as that goes.

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….. (Time passed)

OK.. upgrading did not work.. So I burned Fedora 18 onto a DVD and tried to install.. It seemed to go OK. I got an error that GNOME 3 could not run, but the installer ran… Then the boot! um… nothing… computer comes on. Dell screen comes up, then.. BLACKNESS.. cold, dark, lonely black screen.

So.. I need to find another DVD to try to write Fedora 16 to it and see if an older one works… Oh and By the way, I could not find a compatibility list. So I could just be too old a machine. I did do the 32 bit version. But It is late now, so I am going to play some Guild Wars 2 and forget about it till tomorrow.

Have a great weekend folks.


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  1. Just as an aside I think part of my issue here is my RAM. I have 1GB. it would cost more then the laptop is worth to upgrade this memory. And I am not in a position to replace it with another, or a desktop. I will have to ask some friends if they have a junker they don’t want anymore, and see if that is better. But for now, I will have to use this old Dell.

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