The Fedora Forest Path

tree path

So as I travel the road of Linux I am struck by the fact my very old (2003) Del laptop is just not up to running any of the newer Fedora versions. I certainly could try a different distribution of Linux, but as my class is using Fedora, I will stick to that.

I have gone back to v. 13 on the Laptop. I tried v. 16 this morning and found a number of graphical issues, and an inability to get the updates downloaded.

I did ask around, and got a desktop that is a bit more modern to try Fedora 18. So far am not sure I care for the live interface, but I will keep playing with it. Most likely both will be set up for remote access from my personal computer here at the house.

So I thought I would update the install adventure I have been on. I do think I have learned how to do installations pretty well over the last couple of days….

scary woods

…. lost in the words

Well I cannot seem to get Fedora 18 to let me VNC into it. I have tried all sorts of things. I have installed a VNC Server, disabled the firewall, configured the VNC that came with GNOME. I can not see how to fix this. So for now the desktop machine will have to wait. I still have my laptop and it is Fedora 13 again. I will do my school work on that, and try to figure out my VNC issues as we go.

Of course I accept suggestions. I am stumped!


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  1. anthonyvenable110 | Reply

    Glad to hear about the updates to your work on your laptop. I hope you find the assistance you need to get it the way you want. I assume you have already checked the Fedora message board, if not they should be able to help you. Also have you considered adding another 1 GB of RAM to your machine. I know that in itself will not solve all of your problems but it couldn’t hurt could it? I look forward to hearing more updates and thanks for inspiring me to look into setting up remote access….that just sounds awesome!!!

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