Follow the Gnome!


As a new Linux user I am trying to try the different interfaces. Now I have to preface this with the fact that I am using Fedora 13 now, due to the limitations of the computer I have installed Linux on.

So far I have tried GNOME 2.30.0. I am liking the way this is set up. The top right has who is logged on. For this set up, I have done what the book I am using for my class requested and have a Sample User One logged in. The top left has the application list, the places and the system.


One of the reasons I like this GUI is the way things are organized. Accessories, Games, Graphics, Internet, Office, .. and so on. This distribution installed a number of programs that are useful and easy to find with this GUI. I can see how a Linux machine could become the primary computer, for things other than games. At this point I do not see the major companies making versions of their games for Linux. I have heard there is a move to do this via a third-party like Steam.


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