1.2 and the pain of Warzones!

So the 1.2 patch has been out now for about a week. Mostly I have no issues. EXCEPT in warzones. The new rules for awarding medals and how they relate to rewards. Well I think it smells. I am not a well equipped player in PvP. In order to get yourself equipped you need to earn warzone commendations. Now before 1.2 this would mean you would grind out warzones. Earn medals and commendations, and get paid for the time in experience and credits. Continue reading →


What to shoot for on the character stats.

So talking to people I have gotten an idea as to the numbers a player should be looking at for their stats with their gear.

Your main stat, such as Cunning for the smuggler, should not be stacked passed 1700 points. At this point there is diminishing returns.

The next stat is Critical. Critical chance, unbuffed, does not need to go above 30%. After you get this to 30% things like Power, and alacrity can be stacked. The recommendations I have is to focus on Power. The alacrity is not as important, and can affect ammo or heat quite a bit.

The last stat is Expertise. This stat is only for PvP. The advice is not to stack it past 450 to 500 points. The diminishing returns after this point make it not worth the effort. This will mean that most PvP outfits will combine the PvE and the PvP set so create the optimum set.

I am not anywhere near reaching those numbers. The picture I am including here is the stats with my PvE set on. It is not an entire set of Columi. I still have Tionese pieces that have not been replaced.

I hope this is helpful to others.


The 1.2 patch has dropped.  And things have changed.  It seems that Expertise now needs to be stacked till you have it on all your gear, for PvP. I will update this more completely when I have looked closer. Right now the servers are down for a patch on the patch.

Good Vs. Bad (original post prior to release)


Most MMOs have at least 2 Factions that fight against each other for one reason or another – be it an ancient enmity, war, a struggle for survival or the orders of their god(s). As humans we like to put things into easy compartments of “good” and “bad”. Developers know this about us and so they like to give us the “obvious” choices, even if, when you look a little closer, these Factions are filled with shades of gray. When the Factions are created one is usually the “misunderstood good guy”, and the other is the “obvious good guy”, at least until you read the story very closely. Continue reading →

PvP: Intermission

Originally Published on swtor-life.com 2/13/2012

Prologue / Act 1: Scene 1 / Act 1: Scene 2 / Act 1: Scene 3


I am pausing here to take a good look around. I have talked about the first three planets that have actual PvP on them. I have also touch on the two planets that have no actual world PvP on them after the origin planets. Continue reading →

PvP: Act 1: Scene 3

Originally Published on swtor-life.com 2/06/2012

Prologue / Act 1: Scene 1  / Act 1: Scene 2

PvP: Act 1: Scene 3

The planet Alderaan has been known throughout the galaxy as a place for knowledge, freedom, unity and the goal of peace. Many feel that if Coruscant is the heart of the Republic then Alderaan is the soul. The treaty of Coruscant disrupted that relationship and Alderaan withdrew from the Republic and became focused on the civil war among the noble houses. Continue reading →

PvP: Act 1: Scene 2

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Prologue / Act 1: Scene 1

PvP: Act 1: Scene 2

Our next world PvP planet is Tatooine.

There are two safe zones on Tatooine. Anchorhead is the space port and Republic safe zone. Mos Ila is the space port for the Imperial side. Everything in between is PvP. There is even a small area that you can go free-for-all called Outlaw’s Den. Continue reading →

PvP: Act 1: Scene 1

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Act 1: Scene 1


Within Hutt controlled space is the Las Vegas of Star Wars. It is also referred to as “Smuggler’s Moon,” and is best known for one thing: anything can be bought here if you have the credits, or the trade. This is a world of gangsters, pirates, slavers, and of course the Hutts and the Hutt Cartel. Continue reading →

PvP: The Prologue

Originally Published on swtor-life.com 1/16/2012

Players who have played since launch already know the order of the planets near the beginning of your epic adventure. The Empire starts out either on Hutta (Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter) or on Korriban (Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor) then moves on to the capital planet of Dromund Kaas. The Republic starts out on either Ord Mantell (Smuggler and Trooper) or on Tython (Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular) then moves on to the capital planet of Coruscant. These are the sanctuary planets. The opposing faction can’t visit these locations. So where does PvP start? Continue reading →

Who is Rosie?


If there were one thing you could say about Rosie, it’s that she’s tenacious. And powerful! She destroys worlds for fun, and could rock your world before a late breakfast. She is powerful and terrible, yet kind and compassionate. She is the Alpha and Omega. She is Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds.

Once, she walked across a pond to heal a swan.

Alternately, she’s a nice woman with a lot of time in Star Wars: the Old Republic and writes columns about her experiences as well as guides on how to act as well as how the game world works.

Hi my name is Rosie. I am an alt-a-holic, a compulsive crafter and quester, a novice PvPer, and I am addicted to MMORPGs. (But we already talked about that, and I can quit if I want, really, honest.)

I have been called that for a few years as almost all of my game characters have the word rose in them. I happen to love roses and while I lived on the east coast I had them in my garden.

I was born in Vermont, moved to Maine and lived there for 13 years or so. I moved at the beginning of 2011 to California, for the sun, fun, and warmth. After 40+ years of ice and snow most of they year, I needed a change.

I have a degree in computer programming and computer information systems. (Not that it got me anywhere) I had the luck of having a father that worked for IBM back in the day. When I was old enough to be considered house broken, so to speak, Dad would bring me to work with him about once a month. There I learned about programming, and the joys of mainframes. And I would sit for hours in his office on his terminal and play “Adventure”.

I have been a GM for more than one MUD, and played an even larger number of them. WOW was my first introduction to the graphical MMO. I have been hooked on these games ever since.

I have had a number of jobs over the last 20 years. My favorites were working as a consultant to Bath Iron Works, serving coffee at Tim Horton’s, and working as a Broadband Technical Support Reprehensive for Time Warner Cable. I have moved in the last few years to preferring customer service over computers. I like the human interaction. Of course, that could be because I tend to be a bit of a hermit at home.

I learned to PvP in WOW and HATED it, and then I played a few other games. Some I felt completely used up and destroyed, others I got a sense that this could be fun in the right setting. I have never been very good at PvP, I am a true healer at heart, but I will continue to try.

I have never been in a MMO and not been in a guild. I will tell myself that I won’t join a guild, but I almost always do. For SWTOR I have joined a guild even before launch. This will be the first time I have actually been involved with a game prior to launch, instead of a week into the launch.

I am excited to be able to bring my thoughts, opinions, research and over all joy of Star Wars and the MMO world, and I thank you all for being as welcoming and accepting as you have been. For an “old bat” I am feeling a bit like the new kid at high school.

You can follow me on Twitter @dawnsrose and e-mail rosiesgames71@gmail.com. I write articles for swtor-life.com. Most of what you will find posted here is what I have published on that site.