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Intallation of AirLink camera server

I have documented this project on my gardening blog.


Would love for you to visit. Continue reading →


In search of a Linux compatable camera

I am in search of a motion activated camera that I can use on my 9’x5′ deck. I am growing a number of plants specifically for humming birds, and have a small bird bath. I would like to capture pictures of the birds as they come to the deck, without being out there.

I have a Debian Linux server that I can use to run the camera. I would like to have a camera that was wireless, motion sensitive, and able to do video, but still would work well.

I don’t suppose anyone may have an idea for me. Of course the least expensive the best.

Follow the Gnome!


As a new Linux user I am trying to try the different interfaces. Now I have to preface this with the fact that I am using Fedora 13 now, due to the limitations of the computer I have installed Linux on. Continue reading →


Tux, the Linux penguin

So I am taking a Linux¬†class. The book I am using does not have an answer guide to the review questions. Although If I want to pay the same amount I did for the book I could get the answers from another website. Continue reading →