Tux, the Linux penguin

So I am taking a Linux class. The book I am using does not have an answer guide to the review questions. Although If I want to pay the same amount I did for the book I could get the answers from another website.

As I am taking this class and maybe others as well. I will start posting the review questions. I am curious about what others think the answers are. And no you are not doing my homework. The homework for this class is to type out the questions with my answer. I have done that. But I am curious about how well I answered them.

The book we are using is Linux + Guide to Linux Certification 3rd edition by Jason W. Eckert / triOS College.

This came with Fedora Linux. I have installed it in an old laptop. The laptop hasn’t worked this well ever. I am actually quite amazed.



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    Glad you have an interest in learning about Linux. I have hundreds of posts on here talking about it and you may find them useful as well as entertaining at the same time. I wish you the best bye for now. Oh, which Fedora are you running on your laptop and what are the hardware specs for it?

    1. The DVD that came with the book had Fedora 13 on it. I currently have the Kernel — I don’t yet understand all of what that means… yet. The computer I installed on is a old Dell laptop. The Dell Inspiron 5150.

      memory : 1002.7 MiB
      2x mobile Intel Pentium 4 CPU GHz
      80 GB Hard Drive (ATA FUJITSU MHT22080AT P)

      This particular laptop has some issues with the internal wireless. Dell and I went round and round about it for many days on the phone. They sent me another one to install, which I did and I had the same issues. It was thought that there was a fault on the motherboard that was causing the issue. many years later after much use, the ethernet port stoped working properly. I resorted to a card to insert into the side of the machine. When Linux was installed the internal wireless started working properly, the card no longer works, and the ethernet port did not seem to magicly be fixed.

      1. anthonyvenable110

        Hmm, yeah you have a PAE version and that means basically that it will allow even a computer that is normally limited to less than 4 GB of RAM to be able to use the whole thing. It may be that you can update your OS to a later version of Fedora. Right now the latest one is Fedora 18 it may very well solve the issues you are having. Let me know what you think of that.

      2. anthonyvenable110

        Whoa! I thought my laptop was old. Of course I am just messin with you, but it can be upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. Also if you are looking for a “newer” laptop then I can recommend the one I have which is a Fujitsu Lifebook T4215. It can be obtained via Ebay or even Amazon for anywhere from about $80.00 to several hundred dollars. I wrote several blogs about this machine and why I love it so so you can check those out as well. Take care.

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