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Linux Mint w/ ZoneMinder Update


Update on the LAMP server and ZoneMinder


The Fedora Forest Path

tree path

So as I travel the road of Linux I am struck by the fact my very old (2003) Del laptop is just not up to running any of the newer Fedora versions. I certainly could try a different distribution of Linux, but as my class is using Fedora, I will stick to that. Continue reading →

14 to 18 —> epic fail *at this time*

ugly hat right arrow     fancy hat

Upgrading Fedora 13 has been a bit of a challenge, and complicated. I referenced multiple websites and they had instructions for it. By the time I was done, the one that seemed to work for me was http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-upgrade-from-fedora-13-to-fedora-14-desktop-and-server . Continue reading →

Linux Laptop ! 2003 computer made useful again!!!!

dell inspiron

Replaced Windows with Fedora Linux

Installed Kernal: Continue reading →


Tux, the Linux penguin

So I am taking a Linux class. The book I am using does not have an answer guide to the review questions. Although If I want to pay the same amount I did for the book I could get the answers from another website. Continue reading →

Museum of Modern Human Progress (American Computer Museum)

Tucked away in a small business park, on the first floor, and taking up maybe the space of a small business, is the most fascinating, engaging, informative, coolest and so many more, museum. It is a museum for geeks, nerds, and the down right aficionado of the computer world.  It makes the geek just go “squee” and is still interesting for kids. Continue reading →